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Before beginning the application process, please read the program information where you will find details about fees, scholarship opportunties, and what to expect at Prep.

Submit prep teacher recommendation

Submit this form to recommend your student for the one-week Prep program for lever or pedal harp. To recommend a student for the two-week YAHS program for pedal harp, please use this form.

Information for teachers

Thank you for encouraging your student to attend the YAHS Preparatory Division. The Preparatory Division is open to harpists age 8–17 at beginning to intermediate skill levels, and no audition is required. However, we’d like to know more about your student and ask that you please submit the online teacher recommendation form below no later than March 15.

Please be assured that our goal is to help students grow as musicians and performers by supplementing the technical and musical instruction provided by their home teacher. We work personally with each student to ensure that the instruction they receive at YAHS will enhance their present course of study. If you have any questions at all about the YAHS program and how your student would fit in, please don’t hesitate to contact a faculty member. If you have any other students you feel would benefit from this experience, we hope you will encourage them to apply as well.

You may submit this form multiple times for different students. However, be aware that some browsers may “cache” the page, preventing you from resubmitting. If you get an error message, try “shift + reloading” the page; closing and re-opening your browser; or wait a bit and try again.

After submitting the form you will receive an email confirmation. If you didn’t receive the confirmation, check your spam folder.

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