2008 Emerging Artist Winners: (l. to r.): Haley Rhodeside; Brooke Rowland; Coline Jaget

2008 New Artist Winners (l. to r.) Chia-Chi Chiang; Katherine Siochi; Vivian Hsu

The first Young Artist’s Harp Competition took place in July 2008, on the campus of the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in Rabun Gap, Ga. The ages and locations of the competitors reflect the date of the competition.

Emerging Artist Winners (ages 11–19)

First Prize (tie)
Haley Rhodeside, 16, Florida
Brooke Rowland, 15, Michigan

Third Prize: Coline Jaget, 15, France

(As a result of the tie, two first prizes were awarded; no second prize was awarded.)

Fatrock Ink Prize, for the best performance of “Valse” by Bax

Natalie Hoffmann, 15, Ohio

New Artist Winners (ages 11–14)

First Prize: Chia-Chi Chiang, 13, Taiwan

Second Prize: Vivian Hsu, 14, California

Third Prize: Katherine Ann Siochi, 14, Iowa


The following finalists were invited to compete in the live final round of the competition, July 8-10, 2010, based on judging of a preliminary DVD round in May 2010:

Emerging Artist Finalists (age 11–19)

Susanah Campbell, Texas
Rebekah Anne Efthimiou, New York
Naomi Gemmell, California
Emily Ann Granger, Missouri
Natalie Hoffman, Ohio
Mackenzie Hammell, Ohio
Holland Hettinger, California
Coline Jaget, France
Kam Dick Wong Kimberly, China
Haley Rhodeside, Florida
Brooke Rowland, Michigan
Rebekah Wallen, Tennessee

New Artist Finalists (age 11–14)

Marianna Lynn Adelman, North Carolina
Ruth Boyajian, New Jersey
Chia-Chi Chang, Taiwan
Alethea Grant, New Hampshire
Rachel Lee Hall, Virginia
Wesley Hsu, California
Vivian Hsu, California
Ina McCormack, Texas
Amanda Melton, Georgia
Madeline Claire Olson, California
Leah Jeanette Reeder, North Carolina
Katherine Ann Siochi, Iowa