L. to R.: Natalie Hoffmann; Madeline Olson; Samuel Karlinski; Sunny Wu; Wesley Hsu; Charles Overton; Jessica Ding

The second Young Artist’s Harp Competition took place July, 2010 on the campus of the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in Rabun Gap, Ga. The ages and locations of the competitors reflect the date of the competition.

Emerging Artist Winners (age 11–19)

First Prize: Madeline Olson, 15, California

Second Prize: Samuel Karlinski, 17, New Hampshire

Third Prize: Natalie Hoffmann, 17, Ohio

Fourth Place/Honorable Mention: Charles Overton, 16, Virginia

Fatrock Ink Special Prize (tie) for best performance of a work written after 1900:
Samuel Karlinski, for Legende, by Renie
Madeline Olson, for Absidioles, by Andres

New Artist Winners (age 11–14)

First Prize: Sunny Wu, 13, California

Second Prize (tie):
Wesley Hsu, 14 , California
Jessica Ding, 12, Pennsylvania


The following finalists were invited to compete in the live final round of the competition, July 8-10, 2010, based on judging of a preliminary DVD round in May 2010:

Emerging Artist Finalists (age 11–19)

Amy Lorraine Buescher, 16, Texas
Lo Yuet Ching, 16, Hong Kong
Mallory Leigh Davison, 15, North Carolina
Veronique Drozdz, 19, Ontario, Canada
Natalie Hoffmann, 17, Ohio
Vivian Hsu, 16, California
Gian Torrano Jacobs, 15, New Jersey
Samuel Karlinski, 17, New Hampshire
Madeline Olson, 15, California
Charles Overton, 16, Virginia
Emilyn Hayley Rathgeber, 18, Florida
Rebekah Wallen, 18, Georgia

New Artist Finalists (age 11–14)

Abigail Bachelor, 12, Ohio
Ruth Boyajian, 13, New Jersey
Heloise Carlean-Jones, 14, France
Jessica Ding, 12, Pennsylvania
Anya Garipoli, 12, New Jersey
Wesley Hsu, 14 , California
Sophia Sunha Lee, 12, Pennsylvania
Amanda Melton, 14, Georgia
Clara Wang, 13, Massachusetts
Katy Wong, 13, New Jersey
Sunny Wu, 13, California
Elizabeth Ling Yeoh-Wong, 12, New York