Rental Harp—YAHS


Pay for this product if you are flying to the seminar and cannot bring your own harp. Note: Students renting harps will not be assigned an individual instrument as they have in the past. Students renting harps will have access to a shared pool of harps for practice and performance. This system is designed to conserve practice room space and ease harp moving to ensembles and classes. This shared pool of harps will have a variety of styles and sizes, mostly concert grands.

Students renting harps are required to provide their own tuning key and replacement strings. Strings are available for purchase in the YAHS store. If possible, it will also be helpful to have your own transport dolly. More information about reserving rental harps will be available in registration materials.

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Payment Schedule and Cancelation Policy

Upon acceptance to the YAHS and Prep Division programs, a deposit of 50% is due. Once we receive your first half tuition payment, a limited space in our dormitory is reserved for you. In the unfortunate event you must cancel, please notify us immediately in writing by e-mail. The following cancelation policy applies:

Application Fee: non-refundable.

Before May 1: fifty percent of first half tuition is refundable; harp rental and shuttle fees are fully refundable.

Between May 1 and May 31: no refund of first half tuition; 50% refund on harp rental and shuttle fees; second half tuition is fully refundable.

After June 1, no refunds of any kind will be given.