YAHC Results

Young Artist’s Harp Competition results

The Young Artist’s Harp Competition takes place every two years in conjunction with the Young Artist’s Harp Seminar summer programs.

Pictured l. to r.: New Artist Division winners Sihan Wu, Grace Hong, and Amelie Jade Knapp; Preparatory Division winners Natalie Joo, Colin Hong, and Sarah Howell; and Emerging Artist Division winners Jadelyn Ding, Sophia Jho, Audrey Morris, and Anastasia Seckers

 2022 results

Emerging Artist Division Winners and Finalists

First Prize: Anastasia Seckers (EG), Lakewood, OH, U.S. (Michelle Gott, teacher)

*La Voliere Magique (Tournier)

Second Prize: Audrey Morris (EE), Ottawa, Ontario, CAN (Natalie Hoffmann, teacher)

*La Madone (Lizotte)

Third Prize: Sophia Jho (EH), Allison Park, PA, U.S. (Gretchen Van Hoesen, teacher)

*Impromptu Caprice (Pierne)

Fourth Place: Jadelyn Ding (ED), State College, PA, U.S. (Gretchen Van Hoesen, teacher)

*Prelude and Toccata, Handel/Grandjany

Adela Suraya Gade,Madison, WI, U.S. (Maria Luisa Rayan, teacher)
Olivia Lee
, Boston, MA, U.S. (Krysten Keches, teacher)
Emma Levesque, Bloomington, IN U.S. (Fan-Fen Tai, teacher)

New Artist Division Winners and Finalists

First Prize: Sihan Wu (NC), Carmel, IN, U.S. (Fan-fen Tai, teacher)

*Baroque Flamenco, Henson Conant

Second Prize:  Amelie Jade Knapp (ND), AUSTRIA (Mag. Andrea Hampl, teacher)

*Tango, Damase

Third Prize: Grace Hong, Los Angeles (NI), CA, U.S. (Koni Choi, teacher)

*Theme and Variations, Haydn

Catie Brenner, Dayton, OH, U.S. (Leslie Stratton, teacher)
Flora Cole, Annapolis, MD, U.S. (Rebecca Smith, teacher)
Bernice Li, Ontario, CAN (Teresa Suen-Campbell, teacher)

Preparatory Division Winners

First Prize: Colin Hong (PD), Los Angeles, CA, U.S. (Koni Choi, teacher)

*Deux chansons populaires françaises, Grandjany

Second Prize: Natalie Joo (PB), New York, NY, U.S. (Mariko Anraku, teacher)

*Sonatina No. 2 in F Major, Dussek

 Third Prize: Sarah Howell (PA), Ithaca, NY, U.S. (Melissa Dvorak, teacher)

*Danse d’automne No. 2 and Pistache (Andrès)

*Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists! Winners will perform the piece listed on the concert Saturday, June 25, at 7:00 p.m.  All finalists will be acknowledged at the concert and presented with a certificate. If you are performing you will be assigned a run-through time on stage between 9:00–12:00 on Saturday. Watch for our email with your assigned time. 

 2020 results

(The 2020 Young Artist’s Harp Competition was held online due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.)

Emerging Artist Division

First Place:  Janice Hur, South Korea (Rana Park, teacher)
Second Place (tie):  Subin LeeSouth Korea (Elizabeth Hainen, teacher)
Second Place (tie):  Yuet KanHong Kong (Yeung Lau Yee, teacher)
Third Place:  Lauren SwainUnited States (Carol McClure, teacher)

New Artist Division

First Place:  Sophia JhoUnited States (Gretchen Van Hoesen, Teacher)
Second Place:  Joshua HoUnited States (Hee Jin Yoon and Jo Ann Turovsky)
Third Place:  Jocelyn Chang, United States (Melissa Dvorak, Teacher)

Preparatory Division

Honorable Mention:  Emma Valdez, United States (Elena Mashkovtseva, Teacher)


Heidi Bearcroft, Principal Harp of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra; Jaymee Haefner, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Assistant Professor of Harp at the University of North Texas; Andrea Mumm, Principal Harp of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and the Colorado Music Festival; and Angela Schwarzkopf, Course Instructor at the University of Toronto and the Glenn Gould School of Music, and Harp Instructor at McMaster University.

 2018 results

23 finalists from around the world competed at the 2018 Young Artist’s Harp Competition, July 4–7, 2018, at Kenyon College, in Gambier, Ohio.

Emerging Artist Division

First Place: Claire Thai (U.S.)
Second Place: Renee Murphy (U.S.)
Third Place: Janice Hur (Korea)
Fourth Place: Danielle Nam (U.S.)

New Artist Division

First Place: Yuet Kan (China)
Second Place: Aimee Hang Yu Lam (China)
Third Place: Isabella McCormick (U.S.)

Preparatory Division

First Place (tie): Lydia Kessler (U.S.)
First Place (tie): Goldie Woods  (U.S.)
Second Place: Olivia Lee (U.S.)
Third Place: Zulaykha Kadieva (Russia)

 2016 results

Emerging Artist Division

First Prize ($1,000): Abigail Enssle, 18, U.S.
Second Prize ($750): Joan Rafaelle Kim, 13, Germany
Third Prize ($500): Claire Thai, 16, U.S.
Honorable Mention (Fourth Place): Clara Wang, U.S.
Fifth Place: Morgan Short, U.S.
Sixth Place: Youngseo Jhe, Korea

New Artist Division

First Prize ($750): Julia Dietrich, 12, Germany
Second Prize ($500): Sin Yan Katie Lo, 14, Hong Kong
Third Prize ($250): Yuet Kan, 10, Hong Kong
Honorable Mention (Fourth Place): Audrey Zhang, U.S.
Fifth Place: Danielle Nam, U.S.
Sixth Place: Ida Yang, Canada

Preparatory Division

First Prize ($200) Renee Yadav, 10, Singapore
Second Prize ($150) Ava Crook, 10, U.S.
Third Prize ($75) Jadelyn Ding, 11, U.S.
Honorable Mention (Fourth Place): Kaitlyn Yu Xin Tan, Singapore
Fifth Place: Ava Nicoletti, U.S.
Sixth Place: Erin Choi, U.S.

 2014 results

Emerging Artist Division (ages 11-19)

1st Prize ($1,000): Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang, New York
2nd Prize ($750): Christy Leung, Hong Kong
3rd Prize (tie; $300): Abigail Kent, South Carolina
Third Prize (tie $300): Se Hee Hwang, Seoul
5th Place: Morgan Short, Virginia
6th Place: Anna Ellsworth: Ohio

New Artist Division (ages 11–14)

1st Prize ($750): Ziyuan Ong, Singapore
2nd Prize ($500): An-Ya Oloson, Virginia
3rd Prize ($250): Suemin Yoon, Seoul
Honorable Mention: Tiffany Wong, California

Preparatory Division (ages 8–11)

1st Prize ($200): Isabella McCormick, California
2nd Prize ($150): Belle Divine, Georgia
3rd Prize ($75): Marie Handy, Colorado

 2012 results

Emerging Artist Division (ages 11-19)

First Prize, Katy Wong
Second Prize: Sunny Wu
Third Prize: Julia Van Patter
Honorable Mention: Sara Yeoh-Wang

New Artist Division (ages 11–14)

First Prize: Sophia Sunha-Lee
Second Prize: Abigail Bachelor
Third Prize: Morgan Short
Honorable Mention: Anya Garipoli

Fatrock Ink Prize for a work written after 1950:

Sydney Campen

2012 Jury Members

Judy Loman, Anne Sullivan, John Wickey, Hye-Yun Chung Bennett, Alison Young, Andrea Mumm, and Mary Bridgid Roman

 2010 results

Emerging Artist Division (ages 11-19)

First Prize: Madeline Olson, 15, California
Second Prize: Samuel Karlinski, 17, New Hampshire
Third Prize: Natalie Hoffmann, 17, Ohio

Fourth Place/Honorable Mention: Charles Overton, 16, Virginia

Fatrock Ink Special Prize (tie) for best performance of a work written after 1900:

Samuel Karlinski, for Legende, by Renie
Madeline Olson, for Absidioles, by Andres

New Artist Division (ages 11–14)

First Prize: Sunny Wu, 13, California
Second Prize (tie):
Wesley Hsu, 14 , California
Jessica Ding, 12, Pennsylvania

 2008 results

Emerging Artist Division (ages 11-19)

First Prize (tie): Haley Rhodeside, 16, Florida, and Brooke Rowland, 15, Michigan
Third Prize: Coline Jaget, 15, France

(As a result of the tie, two first prizes were awarded; no second prize was awarded.)

Fatrock Ink Prize, for the best performance of “Valse” by Bax

Natalie Hoffmann, 15, Ohio

New Artist Division (ages 11–14)

First Prize: Chia-Chi Chiang, 13, Taiwan
Second Prize: Vivian Hsu, 14, California
Third Prize: Katherine Ann Siochi, 14, Iowa