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One-week and two-week programs are available for pedal and lever harpists ages 8–26.

July 13–17, 2021

YAHS program

The two-week YAHS program is open to pedal harpists ages 12–26 by audition. YAHS students reside on campus and present three concerts during their stay. YAHS students work closely with the Artist Faculty, Guest Artist, Teaching Assistants, and Counselor/Apprentice. The program is fast paced, and includes intensive practice and performance opportunities along with recreational breaks every few days.

  • YAHS at a glance
  • HTwo weeks
  • HAges 12–26
  • HPedal harp only
  • HLevel: Intermediate to advanced
  • HTuition: $2490 (in 2019
  • HApplication deadline: March 15, 2021
  • HScholarships available

See the YAHS program information for more information including cost, scholarship opportunities, FAQ, and how to apply:

July 4–11, 2021

Prep program

The one-week YAHS Prep Division program is open to lever and pedal harpists ages 8–17; no audition is required. Preparatory students reside on campus and present one concert during their stay. Prep students work with the Preparatory Division Faculty and Counselor/Apprentices. The pace of the program is relaxed with daily recreational activities, socializing, and more time spent away from theharp. 

  • Prep at a glance
  • IOne week
  • IAges8–17
  • IPedal or lever harp
  • ILevel: Beginner to intermediate
  • ITuition: $1350 (in 2019)
  • IApplication deadline: March 15, 2021
  • IScholarships available

See the Prep program information for more information including cost, scholarship opportunities, FAQ, and how to apply:


In 2020 all YAHS programs were held online due to COVID-19. Although we’re moving ahead with plans for an in person experience in 2021, we’ll have an online backup plan in place should safety concerns prevent us from meeting in person again. YAHSO for both YAHS and Prep has a flexible online schedule, alternating learning and social days. Students can choose to participate in any number of masterclasses and workshops, and schedule as many private lessons with YAHS faculty members as time allows. Watch this space for more information about YAHSO, should we move online again in 2021.

which program is right for me?


What’s the main difference between YAHS and Prep?

The YAHS core program is intended for students who have reached a baseline proficiency on the pedal harp. If you are capable of playing the piece “Solfegietto,” by Bach,” you are ready to apply to YAHS.

The Prep program is intended for students who are younger or less experienced than those attending the YAHS program. It is also open to lever harpists. There is no audition for the Prep program, and acceptance is first come, first served.

Do I need to audition, and when will I be notified of acceptance?

The YAHS core program requires an audition. You’ll be notified of your acceptance after we listen to auditions from everyone who has applied by our March 15 application deadline. Notification is usually sent by the third or fourth week of March.

The Prep program does not require an audition, so you’ll be notified of your acceptance shortly after you apply.

I want to apply for YAHS, but I can only come for one week. Can I attend Prep instead?

The Prep program is not intended for students who are musically and socially better suited for YAHS, but who would only like to come for one week, or who are looking for a less expensive option.

I’m not sure where I belong—what should I do?

If you’re unsure where you or your child belongs, we offer the option of applying to both programs with one application fee ($85) and letting us decide the best placement after our March 15 application deadline. We will choose the best placement based on our entire pool of applicants and choose the best fit both musically and socially. Students applying to both programs are required to pay the Prep first-half tuition deposit to guarantee a spot. We will credit this payment to YAHS tuition in the event that you are placed there.

Still not sure what to do? Feel free to email us at info@harpseminar.com to discuss further.