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Scholarship Audition Materials were due on April 15. This form is now closed.

Siochi Scholarship

The Siochi Scholarship is awarded annually to students who demonstrate both a serious musical commitment and significant financial need. There are no additional audition requirements other than what is listed below that is necessary to apply for this award. The Siochi Scholarship covers the recipient’s tuition cost. Winners of the scholarship need only to pay their application fee, for private lessons, and other miscellaneous costs such as harp ensemble music. This scholarship is only available for students in the YAHS program.

General Scholarships

While the Siochi scholarship is the only scholarship that covers full tuition, YAHS also provides numerous partial scholarship awards every year. These are scholarships that are awarded based on the audition materials and financial need described in the video essay required below.

Scholarship Material Requirements

To be considered for a scholarship, you must submit:

  • solo
  • etude
  • orchestral excerpt
  • video essay

For these music submissions, please submit a mp3/mp4 of your solo piece, etude, and orchestral excerpt of choice. (separate files) The formatting of files should be: namecomposertitle.mp4/mp3. Make sure your choices demonstrate your current level of playing. 

For the video essay, submit a link to the essay (YouTube, Dropbox, etc). It must not exceed 2 minutes and include the following:

  1.  Introduce yourself; name, age and harp background
  2. Tell us why you want to come to the Young Artist’s Harp Seminar.
  3. Tell us three things you love about playing the harp.
  4. Tell us how financial assistance in the form of a scholarship to YAHS                 would be of value to your family. 

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