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Jul 14 2021


6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Reading Between the Lines: Playing “Musically”

Instructor: Katherine Siochi

Have you ever been told to play something “more musically?” What does this even mean? We talk about this concept a lot but rarely are we given a clear definition. When people say this they’re referring to going beyond just playing the correct notes and rhythms. It’s about finding the expression, character, and feeling in the music, particularly when these elements aren’t explicitly written on the page. Katherine will help you find tangible ways to make your music more powerful and meaningful by looking at phrasing, dynamics, timing, and personal emotions.

To prepare for this class:

Harp is optional (if you want to be one of my guinea pigs!)

(Optional: bring a passage from a solo that you want to figure out how to play more musically)


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