Notice: All YAHS 2020 on site programs are canceled due to the COVID-19 health crisis. We will update this page with information about our 2021 season as soon as it’s available.

Before beginning the application process, please read carefully the information found in the Programs section where you will find details about fees, scholarship opportunities, and what to expect at YAHS.

Note: after submitting the following forms, you will receive an email confirmation. After submitting the application form, you will be redirected to the payment page. If you don’t receive a confirmation, or if you aren’t redirected to the payment page, it means that your form was not submitted properly. (Be sure to check your spam folder.)  

The Young Artist’s Harp Seminar runs from July 4–18, 2020, and is open to pedal harpists ages 12–26 by audition.

To apply to YAHS, first create an account on the Harp Seminar website, then submit the following materials no later than March 15, 2020:

  • Online application form
    Students should complete this application yourself, answering the questions in your own words.
  • Audition recording samples (two contrasting solos) and scholarship application (see tabs above)
  • Teacher Recommendation (see tabs above)
  • $85 non-refundable application fee ($100 for students residing outside of the U.S. and Canada) submitted online through Paypal. (You will be directed to the payment portal after submitting your application, or click the button below.) Note: The application fee will be refunded only if a student is not accepted to the Young Artist’s Harp Seminar

Your application is not complete until we have received all the materials above, however these materials do not need to be submitted at the same time. We encourage you to submit the application and application fee as soon as possible to help with our planning. Applications received after March 15 may be considered on a space-available basis. Ask your teacher to visit this website and submit the Teacher Recommendation Form by March 15. Your application will not be complete until we receive your teacher recommendation. Please include one primary email where we can send important information about the seminar; most communication will be sent via e-mail.

Enrollment is limited: students will be accepted largely on the basis of teacher recommendation, references, accomplishments, and level of commitment. Talent and potential will also be considered. An audition recording (two contrasting solos) demonstrating your current level of playing is required of all new applicants and scholarship applicants (even if you have attended in the past). Recordings must be submitted as MP3 files with your application. Do not send CDs in the mail or video links.

Upon acceptance, students will have access to the Student Information Center, which provides comprehensive details about what to bring to the seminar and how to prepare. Do not purchase airline tickets until you have been notified of your acceptance to the seminar. Most communication with students, including acceptance letters, will be done via e-mail, so please be sure to include accurate e-mail addresses that you check regularly on your application form.

Upload Audition Recording Samples and Scholarship Essay here.

Please submit the following form with the required materials by March 15. You do not need to submit this form at the same time as your application, however your application will not be considered complete until we receive all your materials.

All new students to YAHS are required to submit a recorded audio audition. Please choose repertoire that represents your current level of playing. If you are auditioning for a scholarship additional material is required.

  • YAHS audition (non-scholarship): two contrasting solos
  • YAHS Scholarship: two contrasting pieces, one orchestra excerpt, one etude, one video essay
  • Siochi Scholarship: two contrasting pieces, one orchestra excerpt, one etude, one video essay, financial statement

You’ll need to create an account on this website and log in to see and submit the form.

Information for Teachers

Thank you for encouraging your student to attend the Young Artist’s Harp Seminar! For their application to be considered, we need you to submit the Teacher Recommendation Form no later than March 15.

Please be assured that our goal is to help students grow as musicians and performers by supplementing the technical and musical instruction provided by their home teacher. We work personally with each student to ensure that the instruction they receive at YAHS will enhance their present course of study. If you have any questions at all about the YAHS program and how your student would fit in, please don’t hesitate to contact a faculty member. If you have any other students you feel would benefit from this experience, we hope you will encourage them to apply as well.

Helping your student prepare for YAHS

To fully benefit from their intensive harp study at the Young Artist’s Harp Seminar, students are expected to come prepared with the following materials:
• Two recital pieces ready to perform. (Memorization of recital pieces is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.)
• At least one additional solo piece in progress
• Two prepared orchestral excerpts
• At least one additional orchestral excerpt in progress
• Preparation of harp ensemble music. (A comprehensive list of music to purchase and part assignments will be sent well in advance of the seminar.)

We appreciate your support in helping your student meet these preparation goals. Please contact us if you have any questions about these preparation requirements. For examples of the kind of solo pieces and orchestral excerpts students play at YAHS, visit our FAQ page.

Guidelines for submitting your YAHS audition recording

Audition recordings are required of:

  • applicants who have never attended YAHS
    • two contrasting solos
  • any applicant applying for a scholarship
    • YAHS Scholarship: two contrasting pieces, one orchestra excerpt, one etude, one video essay
    • Siochi Scholarship: two contrasting pieces, one orchestra excerpt, one etude, one video essay, financial statement

Audition recordings are not required of:

  • applicants who have previously attended YAHS (unless you are applying for a scholarship)
  • college harp majors or others who have demonstrated advanced-level achievements (unless you are applying for a scholarship)

It is necessary for us to listen to an audition recording from new prospective YAHS students to insure a minimum standard among seminar attendees. Returning students who are applying for a scholarship must also submit an audition recording and a teacher recommendation. Choose two contrasting solos that you are comfortable performing and that demonstrate your current level of ability. Choose music from the standard solo classical harp repertoire (i.e., no pop or jazz). There is no length requirement for the pieces on your audition recording. Optional orchestra excerpts and etudes may also be submitted. (Note: orchestra excerpt and etude are required of scholarship applicants.)

Audition recordings must be submitted as audio MP3 files; no video recordings please. Use the Materials Upload Form (see tabs above) to upload your files, one file per piece. Do not email files. Record in a quiet setting free from any distracting noise that would prevent us from fully appreciating your performance. You should use the best equipment possible, but it is not necessary to submit a professionally produced recording; home recording equipment is adequate if you feel it gives a good representation of your performance.

Audition recordings may be waived by special permission, such as demonstration of advanced-level musical achievements. It is also possible to schedule a live audition with a faculty instructor. Contact us to inquire. College students majoring in harp and returning students are not required to send an audition recording unless they are applying for a scholarship.

Note that ensemble placements are made based on your current level of playing. Returning students have the option of sending a recording to demonstrate changes in level from year to year.