We are absolutely thrilled to welcome back Judy Loman as our 2016 Guest Artist. Each time Judy joins us at YAHS we are amazed at her energy, her knowledge, and her passion for all things harp! 2016 is a very special year for both of us as Judy turns 80 and YAHS turns 15. We couldn’t be happier to celebrate our milestones together! Read more about Judy on our website.

What’s your favorite memory from your summers at YAHS?

“There are many great memories, but one that really sticks with me is walking through the halls and stopping at the different rehearsals of ensemble music being played by all levels of harp students and being amazed at how well they were all playing together.”

When you arrive at YAHS this summer, the first thing you’re going to do is:


If a student signs up for your masterclass this summer, they can expect you to work with them on:

“Whatever seems to be their weakest point.”

What’s the most important element to good harp playing?

“A technique capable of conveying the harpist’s musical expression.”

What’s your favorite piece to play on the harp?

“There are so many, but one of my favorites is the Faure “Impromptu,” which is too bad, as harpist audiences often do not wish it to be programmed because they hear it so often! Non-harpist audiences love it!”

Describe your most memorable performance experience:

“I have several memorable performances. Once playing in Japan in a solo recital sponsored by Takemitsu, another was the premiere of Schafer’s “Crown of Ariadne,” another my retirement concert, playing Kelly Marie Murphy’s Concerto written as a gift from the Toronto Symphony and the CBC, and playing for a group of seniors last summer. It was dreadfully hot but the audience was so appreciative.”

Anything else you want to tell our fans about yourself or your experience at YAHS?

“I love the place, itself. The mountains surrounding, the lovely walks, decent food, and great companionship!”

Read more about Judy Loman on our Guest Artist page.