YAHS Online!

July 6–16, 2021

Join us in July 2021 for 10 days of learning with world class instructors and guest artist Judy Loman! We’re offering online three programs for all ages and levels, including adults! No audition is required to apply for any division of YAHS online.

Prep Division

Ages 8–17, lever and pedal harp

Musical requirements:

Full participants are required to bring:

  • one solo of the standard repertoire fully prepared (memorization is optional)
  • a solo in-progress
  • harp ensemble music (to be assigned after enrollment) 


  • additional in-progress solos
  • etudes

YAHS Division

Ages 12–26, pedal harp

Musical requirements:

Full participants are required to prepare:

  • two solos of the standard repertoire fully prepared (memorization is optional)
  • a solo in-progress
  • harp ensemble music (to be assigned after enrollment)


  • orchestral excerpts
  • additional in-progress solos
  • etudes

    Adult Division

    18 and over, lever and pedal harp

    Musical requirements:

    Full participants are suggested to bring:

    • one solo of the standard repertoire prepared or in progress
    • additional solos you wish to work on
    • harp ensemble music (to be assigned after enrollment)


    Tution and fees

    Application fee: $50

    Full participant tuition: $800

    Auditor fee: $400

    Students of any age can audit the YAHS division. (Auditing is not available for the Prep or Adult divisions.) Auditors can observe classes and schedule private lessons with faculty if space is available, but they cannot participate in masterclasses or other events.

    The tuition fee includes:

    • masterclasses
    • workshops
    • various classes
    • harp ensemble
    • panel discussions
    • social activities

    A limited number of scholarships are available for YAHS and Prep full participants.

    Payment schedule and cancelation policy

    Your application fee is due immediately to hold your place in the program. Tuition payments in full must be received by June 15, 2021. Payments received after June 15 will incur a $50 late payment fee.

    Cancellation after June 15, 2021: no refunds of any kind will be given.

    The application fee is nonrefundable.

    About the programs

    Our YAHS, Prep, and Adult programs are tailored to reflect the levels, needs, and age-range of each division. Generally we’ll alternate days to include harp educational content every other day, with some social and fun activities on alternating days. Private lessons with our world-class faculty can be scheduled any time during the seminar. Expect the same high quality masterclasses, workshops, and classes from our in-person programs!


    Watch for our performance schedule, which will include live performances from all three divisions.

    Technology Requirements

    To get the most out of YAHS online, you will need:

    • strong internet connection
    • device with camera that supports Zoom technology
    • a quiet, well-lit learning environment conductive to listening, learning, practicing, and performing.
    • external microphone (optional)


    Scholarship application materials for the YAHS and Prep Divisions is now closed. Both divisions were required to submit audition materials and a teacher recommendation by April 15. 

    To check out the YAHS auditions requirements, go to this page.

    To check out the Prep audition requirements, go to this page.

    The submission forms for these two items are found on the Apply pages for these divisions.

    Faculty and private lessons

    Our world-class faculty will be available to give private lessons during this seminar via Zoom. The lesson rate of $70 is separate from tuition and to be paid directly to faculty member.

    Mariko Anraku

    Mariko Anraku

    Associate Principal Harp of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

    Dr. Anastasia Pike

    Dr. Anastasia Pike

    Faculty at Columbia University Teachers College, the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, and James Madison University

    Online program FAQ

    Q: I’m not sure whether to apply to YAHS or Prep. Can you help me decide?

    The YAHS program is intended for students who have reached a baseline proficiency on the harp. If you are capable of playing the piece “Solfegietto,” by Bach,” you are ready to apply to YAHS. The Prep program is intended for students who are younger or less experienced than those attending the YAHS program. Please email us at info@harpseminar.com if you would like a faculty member to advise you of which group to sign up for.

    Q: What is the difference between the YAHS Division and Adult Division?

    The adult program is intended for participants who are adult harp students. This may be someone who has come to the harp at a later stage in life, does not intend to have a career as a professional harpist, or is not interested in competitions or taking orchestra auditions. This program also allows for adults who are studying on a lever harp.

    Q: Will I perform a solo at YAHS online?

    YAHS, Prep, and Adult students will have the opportunity to perform on our final zoom concerts. Participation is optional and also subject to faculty approval. Please read the music preparation material and choose music that you are comfortable performing.

    Q: What harp technique is emphasized at YAHS?

    YAHS instructors feel strongly that most good harp techniques share more common principles than differences, therefore no one technique such as “Salzedo” or “Grandjany” is emphasized over any other. We believe that there are many ways to play well, and that by observing the varied technical backgrounds of the students who attend YAHS, all students will become more knowledgeable harpists. Faculty and Guest Artists bring different approaches to YAHS that may change each year. The goal is always on performing to the best of one’s ability by working with whatever technical foundation a student brings with them to the seminar. Home teachers who would like a student to focus on a specific technical element should let the faculty know so that we can best help them.

    Q: What time zone is YAHS Online?

    All online programs will take place in Eastern Standard Time between the hours of 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM. It is our intention that anyone in the US and Canada can participate with reasonable hours. All classes will be recorded so you’ll have the option of watching recordings of missed classes.

    Q: What is a typical day like at YAHS Online?

    The sample schedule below is an example of the 2020 YAHS division seminar, things will alter slightly depending on our evolving 2021 plans. Events and times will vary from day to day giving students a variety of things to choose from and flexibility in their schedule. 

    A Days

    10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Pop Up Class – Emily Levin

    11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Workshop – Kimberly Rowe

    1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Pop Up Class – Angela Schwarzkopf

    2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Pop Up Class – Ellie Kirk

    4:00 PM – 5:30 PM Master Class – Katherine Siochi

    7:30 PM – 8:00 PM Pop Up Class – Susan Brady

    B Days

    Practice goal 3 hours

    1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Getting to Know you Games

    4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Harp Bingo

    7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Movie Night

    Q: What is expected of me? How much will I be participating?

    Although attendance is not required, we hope that you will attend as many events as possible on A days. B days are designed so you have plenty of time for intensive practice and some fun down times with other participants. Just like our live seminar you will have incentives to keep you motivated and exciting activities to get you all connected.

    If you do need to miss any A day activities, they will all be recorded and available to you to watch later.

    All of our events will be interactive between faculty and participants. You will be able to ask questions and play the harp during classes.

    Q: How is harp ensemble going to work?

    We will not be playing multiple harps at the same time online. Technology has not caught up with our desire to play music together yet. However, we will be working on a harp ensemble multi frame music video project; separate ones for YAHS, Prep, and Adult divisions. Students will prepare their part with faculty members. Each student participating in harp ensemble will need to submit a video of their assigned part that will be compiled by faculty to create the harp ensemble video.

    Q: How will private lessons work?

    You’ll be given a list of YAHS teachers and their contact information before the start of YAHS Online. Lessons from YAHS faculty during the dates July 6 – 16 are all at a discounted rate of $70 an hour, prorated. You may have as many lessons as you like with as many teachers as you wish. Private message teachers to schedule lessons and pay them directly. Our teachers are extremely well practiced with delivering lesson content online. They work hard to make the online lesson experience as effective as possible. 

    Q: How should I prepare for my first online lesson?

    We are all excited to connect with you! To prepare for your first online lesson, please:

    • Charge your device fully before the lesson
    • Tune your harp
    • Place your device on a separate, stable stand or table to your left, approximately where your teacher sits for live lessons, and make sure that your hands are in view when playing.
    • Be in touch with your instructor, and send them scans of the music you will be playing with numbered measures.
    • If you have an external microphone, make sure it is plugged in and set up before your lesson time, and that your audio settings are set to our recommendations.